Video cassette «Sambo: First Steps»

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Video cassette «Sambo: First Steps»
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5 руб.

Director and screen writer: S. Tabakov, operator: A. Nikiforov.;«Healthy Generation» presents new educational video films project «SAMBO». Sambo is a perfect means of physical education which promotes comprehensive development and cultivates essential in modern life skills and habits. Achievements in science and progressive experience in sports are widely used in Sambo School. «Sambo - First Steps» is the initial educational film in Sambo series. During the film S.E.Tabakov, Assistant Professor of chair of wrestling in Russian State Academy of Physical Training, Honored Trainer RSFSR, gives highly qualified methodical recommendations about effective mastering the sprint technique, pain grips and pain holds. There is a detailed issue devoted to special exercises - self-safety technique.;Lasts 50 min.;The goods temporarily is absent.

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