About Us

The DANSPORT company was formed in 2001. The main task was to supply specialized sportswear to sombo amateurs and professionals. In 2004 the DANSPORT became official partner of the Russian Sombo Ferderation. The sombo sportswear is licensed and meets the requirements of international sombo rules. There are also various collections of sportswear for judo, freestyle and Greek-Roman as well as various fashions of casual sportswear and sportgoods in our equipping center. Our clientele includes professional clubs, regional Russia federations, CIS clubs and federations and surely numerous amateurs. The DANSPORT engages citizens in sport, supports healthy lifestyle by providing sportswear of high quality.

Интересное о нас


тел.: +7 (495) 782-21-03, +7 (495) 589-69-46
тел./факс: +7 (495) 673-30-35, доб. 135
E-mail: info@dansport.ru

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